For as we feel

     we evaporate

          oh we

breathe ourselves out

     and away

          emberglow to emberglow

we give off a fainter smell.

     It's true that someone

          may say to us

"You're in my blood

     this room

          this spring


is filling with you'...

     What good is that?

          he can't keep us

we vanish inside him

     around him.

          And the beautiful

oh who can hold them back?

     It's endless:

          appearance shines

from their faces

     disappearing—like dew

          rising from morning grass

we breathe away

     what is ours

          like steam from a hot dish.

Oh smile where are you going?

     Oh lifted glance

          new, warm

receding wave of the heart

     woe is me?

          it's all of us.


Second Elegy,

Rainer Maria Rilke