"There are many people I know—I would even include myself in here—who have very good, meaningful, affirmable lives, because they occupy a place in the world where they’re able to carve those out for themselves. And having a good life under those circumstances is a possibility, and it’s a possibility for some number of people. But, to do that with complete blindness to the conditions that are around you? I think I have to take very seriously the idea that the only—and I think of it as a postmodern idea—that the only meaningful social practice that’s available to us, given where we are now, is precisely an activity that’s not very goal-directed, but activities that in some local way disrupt. I think this is something which needs to be—that deserves to be taken very seriously, and that leftists, especially traditional leftists are too quick to dismiss, because it’s not clear how these disruptive actions are going to lead to anything better. Maybe they won’t, but on the other hand, maybe it’s all that’s possible at the moment."