"One of the things that we are good at, where we can compete with god, is not that we can create something out of nothing, we're actually not up to that yet, but that we are very, very good at turning something into nothing again, and again, and again. So, we're good at making nothing, literally, and that I think, that destructive tendency that we have, eliminating species as we go I mean, people will say, scientists will say, oh, there have always been species going extinct. This is true, but there have not been, there has not been, not in recorded and unrecorded historythere's no such thing as unrecorded history, but that's another point, but you can say the conceivable past or the presentable past, recorded in stone at least, there is no time when animals were destroyed by one species in the way that we this one species have been able to destroy life, our own life and the life of everything around us."