"Meaning has become possible, because we no longer live under the dominance of a monarch. The great religions of today were all formed in the age of monarchies, so that’s why we have that model: the king gives gives instructions that everybody has got to obey, or you get into trouble, but now we have this autonomy, now we’re free to express some of those desires and pursue some of those interests that feel good to us, because we are an alert, intelligent, various species. We’re clever monkeys, most stupid of us is a clever monkey and cleverness needs to be fed, needs response, needs engagement and other things and it’s in that engagement, it’s in activity that good arises, and good is not something, which is gold plated with a crown on its head, or anything like that. Good is what we’re doing, we’re talking, talking about stuff here. This is good. We’re enjoying ourselves. This is what Epicurus meant by good, sitting out on an olive tree and discussing philosophy."